About The Atwills, Alabama Beach Condo Owners

Although Steve Atwill and his wife live more than 500 miles away from Gulf Shores and Orange Beach in Kennett, MO, their hearts are always on the Gulf Coast. Several years ago, they found that Gulf Shores and Orange Beach were their favorite places to vacation and relax. Steve and his wife found three condos that suited their needs and bought them. 

Unfortunately, they can't spend all of their time on the Gulf Coast. Since they can't enjoy them, they thought other people should. So the Atwills rent them to couples, families, friends and businesses when they aren't on the Gulf Coast.

Take advantage of staying in these gorgeous vacation rental condos when planning your trip to Gulf Shores or Orange Beach, Alabama!

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Their Fantastic Property Managers

Liquid Life Vacation Rentals helps the Atwills manage their Gulf Shores and Orange Beach properties. They take care of maintenance, housekeeping and the condo rentals. When you're looking for luxury vacation condo rentals in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, look no further than with Liquid Life Vacation Rentals!